SIP is term that has been revolving the business and telecommunication for quite some terms and has earned quite favorable reviews because of the benefits it offer and scalability and its use of most recent telecommunication technology VoIP. This resulted in transitioning of later used telephone systems with SIP technology. The reasons are many but primarily its global reach without effecting billing which has helped medium and small businesses grow and prosper. The low cost is the result of low sustenance, low long distanced calls, low maintenance and high support and maintenance tools availability.


Also with the help of use of VoIP technology this lowers the cost of changing and moving. But to extract the maximum profit you have to understand in detail what is SIP termination trunk and what benefits is its offering.

SIP- Session Initiation Protocol- is internet signaling protocol that terminates multimedia call sessions such as voice and video calls over internet protocol (IP). In other words it connects you VoIP phone to PSTN phone.

It evolves and changes and widen as per your preferences, and with a single internet protocol (IP) PBX you can initiate number of SIP terminations at the multiple locations. You don’t have to install additional equipment other than mobile phones and terminals and you can control this from the location of main control office.

In addition it can make all the internal and external calls through multiple locations and you can use either op phone mobile or desk phone to make the calls. Or if you want you calls to be transformed between the mobile and desk phone, SIP termination can provide you the service. There are number of mobile apps available out there in the market that you can download on your smartphones and after installing the process can make use of free calls service.

Additional services like ‘find me’ and audio messages received directly to your email box are also available. With the increased demand of voice and video calls over the internet, SIP technology is achieving quite limelight and thousands are benefitting from it. Mostly business companies prefer hosted VoIP services because it saves their money and time with only a little effort at their part. The only requirement is a good and high speed broadband connection and consider your work done thus leaving your business successful among the business circles.

The work on your part is to acquire a good broadband connection and to find a communications provider that is agreeable to work with transparency and is able to provide you profit and benefits through its service plans. The above mentioned information will help you counter their try at keeping you in dark. Make sure that the staff is well trained and updated with all knowledge related to the SIP termination technology to help you with the future issues that might spring with the network.